Committee Members

Alecia Heng

As an IASA (International Association of Software Architect) Vice President of Women in Technology SIG and entrepreneurial leader with diversified experiences, Alecia has more than 15 years of experience in various strategic initiatives and engagements to help businesses in leveraging Information Technology. Her experiences include Strategic Enterprise Management, Business Values of IT, BPR, Knowledge Management, e-Business Initiatives & Strategic Consultancy for the industry sector of Education, manufacturing, Logistics & FSI.
Alecia specializes in helping clients to leverage on IT Architecture best practices through IT Architecture Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Consultancy services. With her strong passion in the technology and also contributing to the ICT community, Alecia is the president and co-founder of Gorgeous Geeks, which was founded in Jan 2008. Being a volunteer for a non-profit interest group, Alecia’s passion is to promote IT as a lifestyle for women, as well as, to provide a supporting network for women in technology and to inspire other women to join the ICT industry.
Alecia is a frequent public speakers in IT & business conferences across region. She regularly shares her views on women and technology in media outlets, including television, newspapers, magazines and radio. She has been recognized for her