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Workshop 1: Business Model Canvas for offline to online business
Duration: 1 Day

The need for online presence is essential for the digital economy. Bricks and Mortar is not going away, but now need to think about interacting with customers the way they want to do business with you. Digitalization means potential new business models and the ability to effectively integrate online retail with Bricks and Mortar for a true omni channel experience.

This workshop will covers how Business Model Canvas acts as a tool to build an online presence you should start with an online business strategy and determine your online retail strategy.

Workshop 2: Customer Journey for multiple channels
Duration: 1 Day

Customers want to interact with you in different ways depending on where they are in the buying journey. e.g. finding out about your products online, interacting with the product at a store, clarifications through a call center, purchase online or at a walk-in store. Omni channel means being able to carry out the same conversation with the customer across multiple touchpoints. 

This workshop will covers how Customer Journey Map act as a tool to create Customer Centricity that interact with the customer through a lifecycle. This tool will assist you in planning out how the customer will interact with you or your products.

Who Should Attend?
Women entrepreneur who owns existing bricks and mortar business (physical store), with integration of customer experience and business processes from both offline and online business channels


  • Exploring business value proposition
  • Developing customer experience at various touch point of business

Official Partners: SME Corporation Malaysia, Gorgeous Geeks