About Gorgeous Geeks

Gorgeous Geeks (GG) is a non-profit special interest group under IASA – A Global professional body for IT Architects that encourages the use of technology as part of their lifestyles, whether for business or leisure.
Officially launched in January 2008, GG’s aims to create an open environment that promotes learning, sharing, mentoring as well as provide support for IT geek girls. GG was initially intended for women in the IT industry, but since 2008, technology has grown to become a lot more prevalent and important in our lives. GG has now expanded to support women who use technology to enhance their lives. As women who have benefited from leveraging on technology, GG now organises activities and programmes that focuses on empowering women’s lives using technology.
There are 3 focus groups in Gorgeous Geeks:

Putting Lipstick On Technology

Gorgeous Patrons

Gorgeous Geeks also has two founding patrons.

Datuk Yasmin Mahmood

About Gorgeous Geeks

Ms. Anne Abraham

About Gorgeous Geeks

Gorgeous Committee

Gorgeous Geeks committee consists of a group of woman volunteers who are currently or previously worked in the technology sector.

Chinnie Chin

Janette Lim

Emmeliz Tan

Agnes Chua

Ching Yee Fu

Lim Poh Sze