Focus Groups

GG Youth

I’m the new generation and I want to make my mark. I’m ready to start my journey now. Where do I begin?

If you’re a student, fresh graduate or junior executive who has just started your journey in the working world, the GG Youth focus group has programmes designed for you. Discover your ideal career path and learn the do’s and don’ts from other women who have walked the road ahead in both the corporate world and entrepreneurship life.

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GG Entrepreneurs

I’m walking the road less travelled. I want to learn and hear from others who have walked this path before me.

If you’re an aspiring or existing entrepreneur, founder/co-founder, owner or partner in a startup or small-to-medium business, the GG Entrepreneur focus group has programmes designed for you. Get access to workshops, programmes and funding options designed to support you in growing your business. Meet other inspiring women who have chosen the life of entrepreneurship and share the same challenges and exchange tips in dealing with the business world.

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GG Professional

I’m a professional, and I’m in IT or I want to leverage on IT in my career. I want to connect with other professionals like me.

If you’re a professional at the executive, managerial or chief level in the corporate world, the GG Professional focus group has programmes designed for you. Learn how to advance your career and life from other women who are mastering the corporate world. Get access to workshops, conferences and networking sessions where you can meet other like-minded professionals from your industry and exchange tips in dealing with the working world.

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