Women Netpreneur eCommerce Adoption Session (KL) Oct 2019

Want to start online business from home? Or if you already got a business with physical store front but want to explore the opportunities to sell online? Join us in the upcoming Women Netpreneur eCommerce Adoption Session to expand your business beyond the physical boundaries through eCommerce Adoption and redesign the business model for this digital era.

Women Netpreneur 2019: eCommerce Adoption is a series of talks, sharing and workshops, empowered by SME Corporation Malaysia and Gorgeous Geeks.

Who Should Attend?

Entrepreneur who wish to expand their business beyond the retail shops, or anyone who wish to start their own online business.


• Hands-on for eCommerce platforms

• Start selling online

• Learn how to pack and deliver your parcel

• Set up the payment gateway to receive payment

Event Program:

Follow us for the next few months where you will be able to learn and get support from successful sellers, eCommerce providers and government to kick start your eCommerce journey!